Thursday, February 24, 2011

Leaders Take Note: Updated FM 7-0, Manual Goes Hi-Tech

By Capt. Kalen Arreola

As we head into the eighth year since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom I in 2003, during Army Transition, much of our operations have adapted to our ongoing mission requirements, so it makes sense that our policies and procedures are evolving as well.

The Army’s Combined Arms Center-Training’s Collective Training Directorate has released the newest version of Field Manual 7-0: Training Units and Developing Leaders for Full Spectrum Operations (FSOs) – and has taken the document into the technological age.

The new manual is designed to support the recently updated FM 3-0: Operations field manual, and is a shorter, 38-page document that is now supplemented by a new online portal. Not only can you read through the paper copy of the field manual, you can log into Army Knowledge Online and access the Army Training Network portal to access videos, documents, best practices, and other valuable resources.

Some of the most significant changes in FM 7-0 include replacing Core Mission Essential Task Lists and Directed Mission Essential Task Lists with FSO METLs. The new manual also emphasizes the need for commanders to collaborate on overseeing unit training, as well as explaining the Training Management Process as an intellectual process that should focus on the mission command concept, versus a step-by-step process to training that exists today.

The online portal also enhances the ability for Soldiers to adapt to changing training requirements and future field manual releases. To find out more about the new manual, visit:

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