Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From the CAR: Comprehensive Soldier Fitness

After nearly nine years of sustained conflict, many Soldiers and Families are feeling the strain of long separations and challenging environments. We and our Families must be emotionally, socially and spiritually resilient in the face of these realities. Developing every dimension of strength must be as high a priority as maintaining the physical resiliency that we make time for every day.

A new Army initiative, Comprehensive Soldier Fitness, helps Soldiers and Families take their own pulse. By May 31st, every Soldier must take the online Global Assessment Tool (GAT), as part of the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) program. Measuring beyond physical strength, the survey provides a baseline in the four additional dimensions of strength:
emotional, social, spiritual and family, and provides an opportunity to track self-development and growth in these areas over time.

The Global Assessment Tool (GAT) is online now ( As soon as a Soldier finishes the GAT, self-help modules for the domains of psychological fitness automatically present themselves. Use these tools to get going. I would also encourage you to ask your family members to take the Family member assessment (AKO log-in required). It is on line now ( This program enables Family members to actively manage various physical and psychological challenges in their personal lives, and continue to be the pillar of support behind our Soldiers. The Strength of the Nation depends on it.

The result of the GAT is confidential, protects the identity of Soldiers and helps in removing the perceived stigma that may go with seeking help.
Only you will see the result. All we know is that you completed the assessment.

CSF marks a new era for the Army by comprehensively equipping and training our Soldiers, Family members and Army Civilians to maximize their potential and face the physical and psychological challenges of sustained operations.

The CSF mission is to develop and institute a holistic, resilience-building fitness program for Soldiers, Family members and Army Civilians.

Based on more than 30 years of scientific study and results, CSF uses individual assessments, tailored virtual training, classroom training and embedded resilience experts to provide the critical skills our Soldiers, Family members and Army Civilians need.

I believe this program is vitally important to the long-term health and fitness of our Army Reserve. It will take the commitment of every leader and Soldier to bring this to fruition.

Let's make accomplishing this mission a priority. The Army is committed to a prevention model for the entire force, enhancing Soldiers resilience and coping skills. Please take the GAT now at More information on the CSF program and the GAT is available at the CSF website

Lieutenant General, US Army
Chief, Army Reserve/Commanding General, US Army Reserve Command

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